Thursday, February 23, 2012

LOLLY,"Mummy Ayden Flynn"

Hi...Hi...And Hi!!! Years,it's been huh...I create and started to blog since 2009 if not mistaken.Then i keep it hang for years now...from a single lady to married,a mother to be and now i am a mother to a baby boy named AYDEN FLYNN.He is 4month now.He arrived early than we expected.I gave birth Ayden at his 31weeks means another a week my pregnancy turning 8month.But let me share this to you all,what they say about a mother instinct is very true and proven,i actually got the instinct that my Ayden will see the world earlier than his EDD that was on 20/12/2011 as per my gynea Dr Sarva from KK SPECIALIST CENTRE.I don't know but i just felt that way i am going to deliver a bit soon and he is not going to be "CHRISTMAS BABY".Due to my condition having BP high during pregnancy Ayden have to come out thru C section.

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