Thursday, February 23, 2012

LOLLY,"Mummy Ayden Flynn"

Hi...Hi...And Hi!!! Years,it's been huh...I create and started to blog since 2009 if not mistaken.Then i keep it hang for years now...from a single lady to married,a mother to be and now i am a mother to a baby boy named AYDEN FLYNN.He is 4month now.He arrived early than we expected.I gave birth Ayden at his 31weeks means another a week my pregnancy turning 8month.But let me share this to you all,what they say about a mother instinct is very true and proven,i actually got the instinct that my Ayden will see the world earlier than his EDD that was on 20/12/2011 as per my gynea Dr Sarva from KK SPECIALIST CENTRE.I don't know but i just felt that way i am going to deliver a bit soon and he is not going to be "CHRISTMAS BABY".Due to my condition having BP high during pregnancy Ayden have to come out thru C section.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


hii...lama ndak update blog pasal broadband sia slalu error la plak! banyak gambar bakal sia kasi upload nanti tapi semua bgantung sama broadband sia hehehe..masih dalam pendrive lagi semua...oh ya,day off hujung minggu baru2 ni sia ikut my official photographer p tambunan,sabah dia tolong cousin sia buat job(gambar org kahwin)

biasalah musim org kahwin kan musim cuti sekolah lagi ni...siok juga cuti stail kampung ni ndak semestinya mau p jauh2 ja kan..sini sabah pun sia belum abis explore lagi..sekurang kurangnya,ter release juga tension keja.

bah tunggu la nanti sia akan update my blog dengan gambar yg latest.CHIAO!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009



Today,i was on standby morning and didn't get call up.So it is consider my DAY OFF after my standby time finished.Today,just chilling at home,doesn't feel to go out at all..RESTING AT HOME!

I might go to kl on my 3days off this 25th with my best buddy dina..Accompany her shopping there..And also visiting our best buddy jezzy that based in kl.

Long time never visit her..Tho...Been buzy..

After that will be in kl again on the 29th afternoon will meet up my naughty bunny "danny" in kl to attend one of Danny's best buddy wedding in kl,Joe and khairin function will be on the 1st of may'09.

Can't wait for it..1week plus to go.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lolly On Flight.

mesti kamu tertanya-tanya kan apa normally sia actually buat dalam flight especially time sia as a operating crew...
Nah,ini la kerja sia dalam kapal,mari kita sama-sama tengok "actions speak louder than words" bak kata pepatah..
Kita saksikan gambar2 ini.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Am In Deep shocked Today....

  Today,supposed saya standby pagi dari jam 0430pg-1230tgh tengah hari..Tapi at 0603pg flight operation sudah call la pula..Frust juga la saya ni ingat boleh la jalan2 p ladies day out with cousin Imee.Apa kes kan on sunday morning kerja....Tapi nama pun tengah standby do i have a choice to reject?? Absolutely NOT! Anyway,my flight was smooth all the way.

  Tadi saya terkejut ni,ada kawan kasitau yg one of our staff husband dia baru meninggal akibat strok it seems the operation unsucceed to heal her late husband instead,has took his life away and left behind my friend also their beloved son.Apa yg lagi touching bagi saya kawan saya ni memang ada cakap kalau boleh tahun ni dia sama husband mau plan for 2nd baby kalau boleh baby girl..ADUUUI,sedih ni...Hajat ndak kesampaian.

   I hope my friend FLIGHT ATTENDANT SHARON CHEE LEE LI,be strong to go through this huge challenge and big test for the sake of her beloved son.She is a strong wife,mother and strong enough as a person.I believe.

p/s:LIFE IS SHORT FOR THAT LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST..Appreciate every single thing that transit in your life.